What is a Radiology Subspecialty?

When people hear the word “radiologist,” many don’t know that a radiologist is a medical doctor who has completed 4 years of medical school, another year as an intern, and another 4 years in a residency. Radiologists who subspecialize in a particular area spend another 1 to 2 years earning a fellowship in that field. So when you see the word “subspecialist” attached to your radiologist’s name, it means he or she went through at least 10 years of medical training, and quite likely more.

This is important, because lengthy and comprehensive education and hands-on performance are necessary to effectively diagnose, manage and treat disease. Radiologists must also engage in continuing education to utilize the ever-changing advances in technology and procedural applications. Many of Radiology Associates Imaging’s radiologists have completed subspecialty fellowships in one or more areas of study to provide the highest quality diagnostic and interventional care.

Every doctor on RAI’s staff is board certified, experienced in the industry’s most sophisticated diagnostic tools, and accustomed to working directly with a wide range of specialists and local referring physicians to help plan any necessary treatment.

When you need a diagnostic or therapeutic service, you can trust the exceptional training, experience and qualification of RAI’s doctors. Our commitment to safety, security and accuracy make RAI the preferred provider of diagnostic and interventional radiology services for medical practitioners throughout the region.