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An Experienced Partner in Patient Care

RAI’s team of 25 board certified, subspecialized radiologists, certified technologists and exceptional support staff work directly with you to deliver the fastest and most accurate diagnostic imaging and interventional services to the patients we mutually serve. Our doctors remain ready to collaborate with you on image analysis, diagnosis of disease and malfunction, and staging of any necessary treatment. We use Synapse PACS image and report transmission and digital storage for immediate image and information sharing, so you’re always out in front of your patients’ care.

SYNAPSE® Picture and Archiving Communication System (PACS)

Review features, installation instructions and the user guide for the Fuji Synapse PACS system, a web-based program for immediate transfer of patient images & reports.

To request access to these systems, please read, complete and sign the Confidentiality Agreement, then either fax the completed form to:

386-274-6173 or email it to:

Questions or problems regarding this website or these systems should be directed to Christi Rosenke or call 386-274-7118.

Fuji PACS Tools

Physician Login

Once you have created an account, select your preferred platform for immediate access to patient files, images and reports, and communication with RAI radiologists.


Physician and Clinical Staff Login

Gain quick access to exam order forms, exam reports and more via the easy-to-use Synapse portal.