General Services

The Trusted Local Leader in Diagnostic Services

Local referring physicians and their patients trust RAI’s 60+ year history, advanced technologies and team of 25 board certified diagnostic radiologists for state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive treatments. Our certified technologists maintain current state certification and ongoing education in their respective technologies, and are committed to providing quick and compassionate care. The RAI medical team utilizes the latest technologies, equipment and protocols to help ensure the most accurate imaging and the greatest level of security. 

We maintain ongoing accreditation from the American College of Radiology to ensure the utmost in diagnostic quality, accuracy and safety. 

The region’s most advanced imaging technologies

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Provides detailed images of organs, soft tissues, bones and internal structures without radiation


Combines the imaging of CT with the functional information of PET in a single scan


A gentle, radiation-free exam used in pregnancy, disease, image-guided biopsy and more

DEXA Bone Density Testing

This noninvasive test examines the bones for signs of weakening, or osteoporosis


Discovers breast cancer at its tiniest, which manual examination can miss

Nuclear Medicine

Provides extraordinary detail of complex diseases and disorders


This common exam is used to study organs and bones to diagnose fractures, arthritis and blood vessel blockage


A noninvasive examination that produces live-motion images of your heart and its related valves, chambers and arteries for health and function assessment.


Goes beyond x-ray to utilize computer technology for 3D imaging of organs, bones and structures


Used to assess tumors and other growths for the presence of cancer


Used to examine joints, place catheters, perform barium x-ray and more

Interventional Radiology

Many diseases and disorders like varicose veins and fibroid tumors once requiring surgery can now be treated via minimally invasive interventional treatments.


RAI’s Women’s Diagnostic Center offers an array of screening and testing services dedicated to women’s health, including the 3-D Mammography™ exam, breast MRI and ultrasound, DEXA bone density testing and more.


Advancing the Fight Against Cancer

Early discovery is the key to overcoming cancer, and RAI offers state-of-the-art imaging technology for routine screening exams for the earliest possible diagnosis, as well as supplementary exams when cancer is suspected or discovered.

RAI’s subspecialized radiologists have focused training in diagnosing cancer and helping your doctor stage treatment when needed.


Breast Cancer Screening

Discover breast cancer early, when it is most easily treated

Lung Cancer Screening

Smokers, find lung cancer before it produces symptoms (for those with smoking history)


Get physical and functional data in a single exam


A biopsy can rule out or detect cancer

Prostate Imaging

Found early, prostate disease can be effectively treated and managed


Other Areas of Specialization


Men's Healthcare

At Radiology Associates Imaging, we understand that men have unique health concerns.  Therefore, we have tailored many services specifically to address your needs. Our fellowship-trained, board certified radiologists have subspecialty expertise in the areas that men need most.

GI Health

RAI understands that a properly functioning GI tract is critical for your health and wellness. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art diagnostic tests interpreted by abdominal imaging specialists to help keep you healthy. We offer the full spectrum of diagnostic tests to evaluate conditions from the mouth to the colon. Below is more information on a few of our specialized exams that offer complete evaluation of the small intestines and colon.


Heart Health

If you have a personal or family history of heart disease or are experiencing unexplained chest pain or shortness of breath, talk to your doctor about heart health testing today. We offer state-of-the-art coronary CT angiography, echocardiography, cardiac MRI and cardiac nuclear medicine to isolate cardiac and coronary artery disease. All results are interpreted by our cardiac-trained radiologists and shared directly with your doctor.