Women’s Health Awareness – Show Care For Others by Caring For Yourself

Your health is about much more than you, it’s also about the people in your life who care about and depend on you to be around for a long time. And sure, there are plenty of reasons to put off getting a regular screening mammogram: discomfort, inconvenience, fear. It may be safe to say that most women feel at least some hesitation when considering screening. But when you focus on the facts, you’ll see that getting a regular screening mammogram is part of keeping your health on track. Consider the following:

Womens Health Awareness.jpg

1. Recent data from by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force show that women ages 50-69 who get regular screening mammograms lower their risk of dying from breast cancer by 14-33%. Women at increased risk of breast cancer may want to begin routine screening at age 40, so changes to breast tissue can be identified early.

2. The 3D Mammography™ exam, medically known as breast tomosynthesis, is an FDA-approved test that produces superior images of details within the breasts, especially among the estimated 47% of women with dense breast tissue. It is about the same experience as a standard digital mammogram, but up to 40% more accurate, and produces far fewer false positive readings for greater security and less anxiety, making it RAI’s choice for early detection.

3. 3D Mammography™ exams can catch breast cancer at its tiniest, even before you can feel it with your fingers during self-examination. And, as everyone knows, the earlier cancer is discovered, the easier it is to treat.

4. You matter.

Sure, getting a mammogram isn’t a trip to the beach, but it’s worth 20 minutes of your time. It’s something you can do for yourself and for everyone who cares about you. So don’t put it off. If you’re due for a screening mammogram, give RAI a call and make an appointment today. Or drop by your local RAI location – walk-ins are always welcome.

It’s a full circle of care you can depend on.