The 3D Mammography™ Exam – A New Dimension in Early Detection

Radiology Associates Imaging is proud to offer the 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography™ exam, a breakthrough in early breast cancer detection.

The 3D mammography™ exam allows your doctor and Radiology Associates Imaging Board Certified radiologist to examine your images in 3D versus the traditional two-dimensional scan, delivering more detailed and comprehensive pictures of breast tissue for greater accuracy and far fewer false positive results.

3D Mammography Exam.jpg

More than 100 clinical studies demonstrate that 3D Mammography™ exams provide 41% better detection of invasive breast cancers and a 40% reduction in false positive readings, increasing the chance of early discovery and reducing unnecessary follow-up exams and the anxiety that goes with them. And, 3D Mammography™ exams find abnormal tissue in women with dense breasts far better than traditional mammography, which can easily overlook small lesions and cancers.

This FDA-approved exam uses very low x-ray energy so radiation exposure remains below FDA guidelines. It requires no different preparation or compression than a traditional mammogram so your experience will be the same as with a traditional mammogram, with more peace of mind.

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