RAI – Uniting Experience and Leading-Edge Technology

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RAI has been a local leader in diagnostic services for the past 60 years and counting. Our experience and next-generation technologies have created an award-winning, ACR-accredited practice renowned for experienced and intuitive physicians, advanced technologies and an unwavering commitment to best practices.

RAI’s Board Certified MSK radiologists subspecialize in Musculoskeletal and Sports Imaging, giving them an education and level of experience that soars well beyond that of the standard radiologist. Our team of doctors utilizes the latest 3-Tesla MRI scanners for incredibly detailed images, and interprets all results personally, for quick and accurate answers to even the most complex mysteries. Whenever needed, our radiologists are ready to collaborate with your clinician to help plan effective treatment designed to promote a speedy recovery.

You have only one body and it deserves a complete circle of care, centered on you, delivered by RAI.