Radiologic Technologists – Who They Are and What They Do

For something as important as a diagnostic exam, you want to know the technolgists caring for you are qualified, appropriately trained and mindful of your health, comfort and well-being.


Radiology Associates Imaging’s team of radiologic technologists is exceptionally trained and experienced in an array of diagnostic imaging procedures. Each technologist possesses at least two to four years of fundamental education in anatomy, equipment use, patient positioning and comfort, safety protocols and other areas of study, and has passed a national exam certifying his or her qualifications. All undergo ongoing education in each of the services they perform to ensure the highest degree of quality, accuracy and safety. Members of our radiologic technology team specialize in an array of imaging tests, including 3-D mammography™ exams, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), fluoroscopy (x-ray), nuclear medicine, DEXA bone density testing and much more.

Each RAI technologist is carefully educated, trained and experienced in his or her specific diagnostic service, so from mammography, CT, MRI and ultrasound to DEXA, and nuclear medicine, you can feel secure about your procedure and know you’ll be treated with the utmost care, respect and commitment to quality.