Nuclear Medicine – Providing Unparalleled Accuracy & Speed for Early Discovery

Nuclear medicine refers to a group of diagnostic tests that utilize a tiny amount of radioactive material, called a radioscope, to produce highly detailed images of different internal organs and systems. The radioactive material administered is so minuscule and eliminated by the body so quickly that it is FDA-approved as safe. Just as important, nuclear medicine’s accuracy is leagues above many other diagnostic tests at identifying diseases in their earliest stages, eliminating the need for riskier exploratory surgery for many patients.

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The highly experienced Board Certified doctors of Radiology Associates Imaging perform a variety of services designed to discover disease and disorder throughout the body.

  • The hepatobiliary/gallbladder scan is used to measure gallbladder function, disease and biliary duct obstructions.

  • The parathyroid scan can locate abnormal or overactive parathyroid glands. The liver/spleen scan can identify even tiny tumors, cysts, hepatitis, cirrhosis and other issues.

  • The gastric emptying scan can reveal delays in the stomach’s ability to empty itself, which can cause pain, nausea and reflux.

  • The gallium scan is used to examine the whole body for the presence of infection and/or tumors.

  • The groundbreaking DaTscan brain imaging test, combined with other evaluations, can help identify Parkinson’s disease and tremor disorders in just weeks instead of months or years, as with older tests.

Nuclear medicine’s speed, accuracy and specificity make it a true innovation in the diagnosis of myriad diseases that once may have gone unidentified. When a disease or problem has been diagnosed, Radiology Associates Imaging’s radiologists are ready to consult with your doctor regarding a treatment plan designed to restore your health and enjoyment of life.

For questions about these and other diagnostic scans and interventional treatments, call the caring professionals of Radiology Associates Imaging at (386) 274-6000 or stop by the location nearest you.