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Nuclear Medicine scans are used to help assist your doctor in the proper diagnosis of diseases, tumors, infections, and other disorders by the evaluation of organ functions. These scans can show the sizes, shapes and positions of the organs. Unique to Nuclear Medicine scanning is that it will show the function of the organ as opposed to just a picture. Having this type of procedure done will help determine if the organ is functioning properly.

Preparing for Your Exam

Some of the Nuclear Medicine studies require specific instructions. Your doctor will inform you of these preparations and many of the most common can be found below. You can also call the Imaging Center where your study will be performed and a technologist will advise you of the proper steps toward a successful exam.

Hepatobiliary Scan: Do not eat or drink for four hours before your scheduled exam time.

Bone Scan: Initially, you will receive an injection, after which you may leave for a 2-4 hour period and then return to the Imaging Center for the remainder of your study.

Thyroid Uptake Scan: Please call the Imaging Center for instructions on how to prepare for this exam.

Cardiac Study: Please call the Imaging Center for instructions on how to prepare for this exam.

FDG Tumor Localization: Do not EAT or DRINK anything except water and medication for 6 hours before exam, ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR or ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER. Please call the center where your exam will occur for additional dietary restrictions.