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MRI scans are detailed pictures of organs and tissues without the use of radiation. These scans use radio waves and magnets that are linked to a computer to create clear images. Technology has progressed at a rapid rate over the years and many new techniques have been introduced that have had a significant impact on patient care.

An MRI scan show the difference between healthy and diseased tissue which helps the doctor see what it looks like inside a particular structure. This is in addition to the already established uses of MRI such as routine brain, spine and musculoskeletal imaging for which MRI is the test of choice in most cases.

Preparing for Your Exam

Some MRI studies require specific instructions. Your doctor will inform you of these preparations. You can also call the Imaging Center where your study will be performed and a technologist will advise you of the proper steps toward a successful exam. For your comfort, you may wish to wear a two-piece outfit (like a sweat suit) with no metal closures. Because an MRI is a huge magnet, you will be asked to remove all jewelry and personal items prior to entering the MRI suite.